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Bush Traditions Inc publishes a small range of music booklets of traditional collected tunes, which have been assembled (almost) annually for the sessions led at the National Folk Festival in Canberra. Many of these tunes are not easily available elsewhere.

National Folk Festival Collection 2006 to 2010 then 2013 to 2017

Up until 2017each of the above Collections had a CD included with the tunes played by Greg O'Leary so that ear players can pick up the tunes too. In 2017 an online approach was used instead.

These are available from Ray Mulligan posted at $15 each. Order online here.

For all the above collections an index is available here and a cover design here. (Ed: I have found it useful to rebind all the volumes in order in one volume, with the index to locate tunes easily.)

Other publications are available from:

The Victorian Folk Music Club

Roweth Music

Verandah Music

other suggestions please.

A useful publication is Peter Ellis' The Waltz the Polka and all kinds of Dance Music