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Videos from the National Film and Sound Archives

Graham MacDonald has announced the release of YouTube videos of several traditional players. This is welcome news. Well done National Film and Sound Archives.

John Meredith folklore films: 
In the late 1980s and early '90s John Meredith wanted to try a different approach to folklore field collecting. Instead of just an audio recording he thought it would be useful to have a visual record of the music being collected showing the style and techniques used. He was working with very limited resources, but convinced the NFSA to support his work by supplying and paying for the developing costs of rolls of Super8 film. Working with Rob Willis, Chris Woodland and others over a few years he recorded and filmed the last generation of singers and old-time dance musicians in NSW and Victoria. These films are a very special glimpse into an era now past. Our thanks to Rob Willis, Parrot Pictures and the families of the musicians recorded for their support.


Part 1 (1987)

Frank Thompson of Manangatang: mouth organ sandwich
Ted Valance of St Arnauds: The Boughton Valeta (waltz) learnt from John Bowden and John Cummins from Berrimal in the early '30s
Elma Ross of Wedderburn -- Lionel's Waltz (piano)
Harry McQueen of Castlemain -- accordion (playing a polka)

Part 2

Dave Mathias of Forbes, mouth organ and accordion
Camera - John Meredith 
Gaffer - Jamie Carlin
Interviewer - Rob Willis

Part 3

Bert Jamieson, Cootamundra - mouth organ
Ottie Pfeiffer of Temora - fiddle and accordion (quick step)

Part 4


Jack Condon of Maryborough, Vic - strohviol
Snowy Backer of Muswellbrook 
Lionel Pietsch of Forbes 
Paddy Godden of Forbes

The Dawsons of Swamp Rd, Franklin, Tasmania: Edie, Paddy, Ivy and George Recorded by John Meredith in March 1986, second camera Janine King
The Man from Cookamidgera: Songs and Music of Colin Charleton (1990)
The Bobbins of Nulliga

Three generations of the Bobbin family have lived and worked in the Nulliga forest behind Eden, NSW. Third generation Tom Bobbin and his three sisters, Carrie Milliner, Phoebe Veness and Nancy Burton (includes yodelling)