Goulburn Gathering 2016

Despite dire weather predictions the 11th Gathering was on the long weekend in October. The Old Goulburn Brewery once again provided a venue dripping with historical ambience. There was a delivery mishap which meant that the ordered balmy spring weather did not arrive until the Sunday. Organisers are on to this and the suppliers are duly contrite and promise better in 2017.

Some photos of the event are posted here.

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Thanks to the wonderful contributors who made the event such a ripper.

Martyn Wyndham-Read delighted all with his songs and yarns
The Fossickers - a group of young Australian lasses who bring a sassy voice to the folk scene!
Chris Woodland - Forum on the lingo of Bush Songs
Jeff Lawrie - Hey Diddle Diddle- the Box and the Fiddle
Kerry Doherty - Slow Tune Workshops
Margaret Walters - The Undaunted Female
Leigh Brown - her own ripper poems
Nancy Nicholls - Brewery Bush Choir
John Warner - His Songs and An Alternative Guitar Tuning
Tony Romeo - Newly learnt songs
Ray Mulligan - Bush Traditions WIKI and sessions
Alan Swift - Tunes of Home and Yarn Space
Sue McMahon - The Musical Saw and Advanced Anglo Concertina
BMC Saplings - Bush Music for youngsters
Garry Tooth - Troubador
Darri Adamson - Learning by Ear
Sandra Nixon - Nicks 'n' Nacks
Ian Hayden - Sally Sloane's Tunes
Don Brian - A Selection of Songs
Jeff Brown - Harmonicas - Types and Styles
Peter Cahill - Songwriter
BMC - Brian Dunnett Tribute Concert and Songs of John Dengate
Song writers - Peter Cahill, Richard Officer & John Warner
No Such Thing- Play Me A Rainbow
Pete McMahon - Stagecraft
Dave Johnson - Tunes and Songs and THE PLAY
Chris Poleson - Bush Uke and more
Glenys Johnston - Just some nice tunes from Dave de Hugard




Videos on YouTube
The videos of the Festival Bush Orchestra recorded at the National in 2016 have been edited and the list is here.


Trove Treasures
Researcher Mark Gregory has unearthed some treasures from the NLA's TROVE.

nfsaReal Folk Videos
Some classic bush music now on YouTube

danceMusic from previous events available for free download here.

danceMusic from the 2016 NFF Settler Sessions
is available for purchase here.

concAnglo Concertina Tutor
A set of bush tunes arranged with fingering and all for Anglo Concertina players.
Click here to see it

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