The Continuing Tradition

A collection of tunes written in recent times that project the tradition into the future. Additions are welcome.

Air For Anne

Alston Number 27

Anne's Jig

Around the Laurels

Australia Day Waltz

Black Cockatoo in the Baobab Tree

Blacktown Jig

Bob Cole's Polka

Carpathian Waltz

Dave and Mary's Mazurka

Dave's Dinky

David's Birthday Suite



Drain the Swamp

Drought's Broken

Dry Blower, The

Flemington Markets in the Morning

Fran's Waltz

Galloping Brumbies

George's Jig

Half a World Away

Highland Dreams

Jack's Jig

Jardee Polka

Jessica's Mountain

Jimmy Mahoney's Reel

Lament for Declan

Lucy Joy's Mazurka

MacAllister Hoose


Mary Jo

Mist Over the Valley

Mr McCormick's Invention

New Old Time Waltz

New Parliament House Jig

New Soundpost, The


Peekaboo Polka


Possum Up A Gum Stump

Quandering Whistler, The

Queensland My Home

Resolution Reel, The


Rum Rebellion

Samuel De Santi's Schottische

Sid Parish's Polka

Silver Wattle Waltz

Southern Cross Windmill

Squeezebox Polka, The

Steamer, The

Stolen Waltz

Summons, The

Sunrise, The

Tanami Schottische

Terence Lewis' Triumphal March to the Gates of Boggo Road

Thought I'd Lost You


Tune on a Scrap of Paper


Wallaby, The

Wally's Waltz

Wangat Lodge

Who Cares

Willy Wagtail