The Gathering is happening soon. The paddock has been slashed ready for the campers. Onsite camping is available as usual.

The programme is drafted and posted here.

There is some onsite accommodation left.

Catering at the Brewery is limited this year to soup and rolls for lunches @$5 and the Sunday night buffet before the Singabout.
Please note the Brewery is not offering meals on Friday and Saturday night.

Saturday night is the Boree Log meal in the campground at a reasonable price. (BYO plate and cutlery and drink).

Any volunteers to coordinate a Friday night meal in the campground?

Bundanoon DanceFest 2017 and 2018

The 2017 DanceFest was a ripper with superb workshops led by a wonderfully talented bunch of callers and the all-live music provided by our volunteer musicians was just the ticket to make for a great weekend. Thanks to them all and thanks to the array of brilliant dancers who, of course, make it all worthwhile.

Next year is the 10th Bundanoon DanceFest so we are looking for ideas to make this a special one.......

National Folk Festival 2017

Tune Sessions in the Bar, Bush Orchestra and a concert were the main additions to the NFF from Bush Traditions. Ray also presented a workshop on the wiki to an interested crowd.

12 36 59





Videos on YouTube
The videos of the Festival Bush Orchestra recorded at the National in 2016 have been edited and the list is here.


Trove Treasures
Researcher Mark Gregory has unearthed some treasures from the NLA's TROVE.

nfsaReal Folk Videos
Some classic bush music now on YouTube

danceMusic from previous events available for free download here.

danceMusic from the 2016 NFF Settler Sessions
is available for purchase here.

concAnglo Concertina Tutor
A set of bush tunes arranged with fingering and all for Anglo Concertina players.
Click here to see it

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