Lead Musicians for Bundanoon DanceFest 2017

These people are key contributors to the success of the DanceFest. Making the live music component possible.

In Order of Appearance


Ralph Pride

Ralph is one of the quiet achievers of the Bush Music Club. With a band pedigree that includes The Reedy River Bushmen, The BMC Concert Party, Pinchgut, The Heritage Ensemble, and FolkLines, he brings a wealth of experience to the task of lead musician. He is also providing the PA for the main hall and all its events.


Sarah Bull

Sarah's is a regular at workshops in Canberra and now here at the DanceFest where she wows us with her saxophone magic. Again she's supporting Colin Towns with his workshops.



Ian Hayden

Ian is a keen Irish style box & banjo player living on the NSW Central Coast. Besides Irish dance music he currently plays a range of instruments in bush bands, a jazz group, a swing big band, and a baroque ensemble.  


Helen Strutt

Helen, on accordion, with her two daughters Jennifer & Catherine, and Chris Duncan and Bob McInnes, form the Coalbrook Band, providing wonderful dance music. As a member of Salmiakki Pelimannit band she has been playing music from various Scandinavian countries since 1986.



Ian Baxter

Lead musician for the very long running Crooked Corner Band, Ian is a classic Australian country dance accordian player. His strong punchy style is just the ticket for driving dancers feet.



Dave Johnson

Dave works to disseminate collected music through workshops and publications. He plays fiddle and concertina and guitar with the established Paddys River Band, and with Folklines, Southern Cross and the Heritage Ensemble. Dave served his apprenticeship with the Bush Music Club and his compilation of dance tunes Bush Dance is well known all round the country. His musical passion is playing the best of our heritage of collected tunes on both fiddle and anglo-concertina.  


Bob McInnes

Bob is without a doubt, one of our dance music living treasures. Since the 1960s he has been exploring music for dance in many different bands The Wild Colonial Boys, Reel Tradition, and of course, the long-running wonderful String Fiddle Tradition.



Ray Mulligan

Ray is one of the forces behind Bush Traditions. He led Canberra based band Mulligan's Flat for many years and currently plays with FolkLines. He runs a regular tune workshop in Canberra and organises a range of activities for Bush Traditions at the National.  


Denise Hibbs

Denise played fiddle regularly with the wonderful Harry Gardner in Melbourne. She has been an ardent supporter of Bush Traditions events - the Bundanoon DanceFest, the Goulburn Gathering and whatever is going at the National Folk Festival in Canberra. She works in tandem with Robert Stephens on the accordion.



Kathy Potter

Kathy plays flute with The Short Dented Potts and has been a regular player in the Heritage Ensemble for many years. Her bent for classical music is given an airing this year.



Stuart Leslie

Stuart took to the concertina with a passion and is one of our finest players of this instrument. His musical ventures include the Ryebuck Bush Band, No Such Thing and his organisational skills come to the fore with his major role in managing the Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival.








Roland Clarke

Roland plays the fiddle with gusto and enthusiasm for his mater's workshops. He backs up her research on the history of the dances by arranging the appropriate music as he finds it.