2019 Dance Callers for Bundanoon DanceFest

In order of appearance

Keith Wood

Keith has been calling dances for several years, usually in Contra and English Country styles, at regular dance workshops in Sydney. He also composes dances in these styles and in Australian and Scottish Country styles and has published three books of his dances so far. His dances have won dance writing competitions within Australia.

Distinctive Contras: Contra dances with moves or formations that are not common, selected from Keith's own concoctions. If you're familiar with basic Contra moves, join in and try something a little different.

Prizewinners: Several of Keith's dances have won at the TSDAV and BMC dance composing competitions. From the Swan River, through Eureka Stockade, to Sydney Harbour, dance your way around Australia to these somewhat challenging dances.

Distinctive Contras


Colin Towns & June Staunton

Colin and June have been regulars at Bundanoon since its inception, and Colin since its conception. Always with a commitment to learning with laughter, they will whisk you through dances, technique and style with an energy that belies their combined 100+ years of dance experience

A Feast Of Maggotts - well cured since the 17th century. Being a whim or fancy of the Dancing Master, these dances were the creme de la creme (or perhaps the best gravy) from the author's delectable offerings.

[A] The Hardest Dances I Know. In 1971 Pat Shaw wrote dances dedicated to the top 4 dance musicians in EFDSS (English Folk Dance and Song Society), collectively known as The Quartet.

Feast of Maggots

My Hardest Dances


Margaret and Bill Winnett

Margaret and Bill Winnett love dancing around Ireland and, after twenty-two trips doing just that, have so much to share with others. Their repertoire of dances encompasses traditional Irish Step, Set, Ceili and Two Hand Dancing. Start playing any Irish music and they will have you up dancing and enjoying yourself.

Intermediate level Irish Set Dancing workshop will take you to the Counties of Clare, Cork, Galway and Kerry - a veritable feast of dancing to magical music.

Also available, intermediate level Irish Waltz workshop. The Irish love their waltzes and Margaret and Bill have a thoroughly enjoyable suite of waltzes from Ireland. Come, dance with them!.

Intermediate level Irish Set Dancing

Irish Couples Dances

Arthur Kingsland

Arthur Kingsland has many years experience teaching a wide variety of Celtic dances both modern & traditional, including Australian Contemporary and Colonial, Irish Set dancing, English Country, Scottish Country and American Contra dancing. He is “notorious” for teaching of interesting variations and challenging dances from a range of Celtic traditions, and writing challenging dances in a similar vein.

Wallsend Wanderer and other modern challenging dances devised in Newcastle. Dances from the Australian contemporary, Scottish Country, English Country & American Contra dance genres. These dances are at the harder end of the “challenging” scale and feature interesting moves and/or unusual formations.

A Fried de Metz Herman Sampler
Fried de Metz Herman is an internationally reknowned English Country Dance composer and teacher born in Holland, who learned from Pat Shaw in England and taught in the USA. Fried's dances are always interesting and feature good flow. She selects exquisite music chosen specifically for the dances, providing a very uplifting dance experience. The dances should be suitable by those with some years of dance experience.

Wallsend Wanderer Plus

Fried de Metz Herman Sampler



Bruce Lemin

Bruce has been a keen ballroom dancer for more than 40 years and has 16 Gold and higher medals to his credit. He believes that dancing - and learning to dance - should be fun and loves helping people to learn new dances or polish their dance skills.

Dances covered in the New Vogue workshop come from the better-known sequence dances, such as the Merrilyn, Lucille Waltz, Tangoette, Charmaine, Gypsy Tap, Swing Waltz, La Bomba, Tracey Leigh Waltz, Evening Three Step, Carousel or Twilight Waltz.

Many of our favourite dances include circular waltzes or rotary chasses, from the humble Barn Dance right through to the Quadrilles, but a lot of people struggle with them. This workshop is intended to teach dancers how to dance the two most common types of waltz turns, being Viennese Waltz turns and Rotary Chasses, and thus de-mystify the art of whirling around in tight circles. The workshop will incorporate some appropriate dances so that you can put your new skills to practical use, and Bruce will also offer some tips on technique and making your waltz turns sparkle.

New Vogue Ballroom

Put a Sparkle in Your Waltz


Don Richmond

Don joined the Bush Music Club after attending his first "National" in Sydney in 1982. Since those early days, Don has been teaching/calling dances with many different bands, including over a decade with Currawong Bush Band. His skill and experience as a caller is well regarded and Don is often on stage at festivals, balls and other dance events. Don enjoys selecting dances to a theme, often with a quirky title.

Waltzing in Chains
Chain movements in Waltz time - More variations on Ladies Chains and Waltz Chains.
Grand Chain, Ladies Chain, Waltz Chain - what's the difference, how different can each one be?
A gentler start to the day with some twirling for the ladies. Some waltz experience would help.

Changing Sets for Odd Numbers
An exploration of ideas for adapting dances to suit odd numbers of dancers or couples.
This workshop includes some familiar and less complicated dances, suitable for all levels of dancer.

Changing Sets for Odd Numbers

Waltzing in Chains



Tony Northey

Tony began dancing as a teenager with ballroom, old time, rock and roll, jive, latin, charleston and limbo.
Having discovered REEL dancing i.e. Scottish Country he has been involved with teaching regular classes and providing demonstrations since 1981.
He has taught at a Winter School, day schools and festivals and classes around OZ. Tony has been a regular performer at the National Folk Festival since 1992. He likes to share his joy and enthusiasm and make tricky dances seem easy. Previously a resident of Canberra, he now resides in Tasmania and travels to the mainland when tempted.

Scottish Country Dance
At least two easier dancers for repeating at the evening social followed by a challenge or two.

Scottish Country Dance
Saturday & Sunday


Jim and Ingrid Rehle-Williams

Jim and Ingrid have been sharing their knowledge of Bavarian couples dances for over 20 years.
Ingrid was born in the mountain area of Bavaria and started dancing at a young age.
Jim lived in Munich for 10 years and learned the local dances.
The couples dances they teach, which include Waltzes, Polkas, Circle and Sets, are regularly danced in the alpine regions of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

We will be presenting a German quadrille that was introduced to us by the late Daryl Powell. We will also be doing more new Bavarian dances collected last year in Munich. All the dances are suitable for all levels of dancer.

A German Quadrille

Norm Ellis

Norm began dancing during the 'hey-day' of the Bush Bands in the '70s. A past leader of Melbourne's Colonial dancers, co-founder of the TSDAV, Norm still enjoys dancing, calling and teaching, and occasionally devising a new dance or three! He is joined once more by Denise & Robert, leading the music.

Australia has a long tradition of borrowing from the Scots, in both music and dance.
Shirley Andrews included a number of dances of Scottish origin in her seminal work on Australian dance: "Take Your Partners".
Norm presents a selection of contemporary dances drawing on that Scottish tradition. (Medium to Advanced). Presented in 2 parts – ‘Anything but Squares’ & ‘Dances for 3 Couples’.

Anything but Squares

Dances for 3 Couples


Roger &
Christine Gifford

Roger and Christine have been leading the Canberra Nordic Folkdance Group - sCanDans - for almost 20 years. They have run display performances and workshops at numerous folk festivals. They have also attended Scandinavian Dance Workshops in Sweden, Britain and the USA, most recently the Skandia Springdans NW Swedish dance workshop in Seattle over Easter 2019.

Nordic Waltzes - This workshop requires, as a prerequisite, a basic capability in waltzes as danced in Australian bush dances. The workshop will explore waltzes from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland in circle, longways, square and couples formations. These will include both very easy and slightly challenging examples. Not only are there various patterns to these dances but also different, perhaps unexpected, ways in which the waltz steps are danced which provide for a fascinating variety and interest.

Nordic Waltz


David Potter

David has been a avid dancer since his first square dance at the age of 12. That love of all types of dance he now bring to the floor in both his dancing calling and dance workshops.

Everything old is new again. In this workshop we will be dancing modern English Country Dances to arrangements of some of the best loved classical tunes.

Everything Old Is New Again


Sally Leslie

Sally has been dancing and teaching for 40 years! She enjoys a variety of dance styles and appreciate the influence they have had on Australian dance styles. But her great love is Australian bush dancing accompanied by Australian tunes.

Don't Stop Now! [B] This workshop will teach a selection of dances that have been proven to be a pleasure to dance, the type you want to keep on doing: flowing, sometimes effortless but complex enough to keep you interested, accompanied by beautiful music. Learn or perfect dances such as Jigue Chaperlois, St Bernard's Waltz, G&J Pentrille, Can Can Quadrille, Postie's Jig etc.

Don't Stop Now!


Kira Dowling

Kira first started dancing Scottish in a children's class when she was about ten years old, and hasn't looked back since! As a Scottish Country Dance teacher she likes to share her passion for SCD with others - young, old and any age in between. She teaches at weekly SCD dance classes in Canberra, and is a caller at Canberra's Young Dancers Ceilidh Socials, which are an initiative that encourages young people to participate in casual, fun and energetic Scottish dances.

Come and join in the fun of Scottish Country Dancing with a special program of Scottish and Ceilidh dances which are sure to get everyone up on the floor to have a good time! You'll have your toes tapping to the fantastic music of lively jigs, driving reels and elegant strathspeys as you enjoy this "pure dead brilliant" form of dance.

Scottish Country Dancing


Heather Clarke

Heather's ambition is to enrich and expand the bush tradition by highlighting aspects which have been under-represented yet were once firmly embedded in our culture - convict, early colonial, and step dance.
"Dancing is so much more than the figures: it's the musicality and joy that comes when we join together. I'm keen to promote new ways of teaching which enhance the experience for everyone, including new recruits. I've always danced and in 2018 completed a doctorate in convict culture. My website is"

Mundy Quadrilles - In the 1830s, the Tasmanian pianist Henry Mundy composed 8 sets of quadrilles for his students at the elite Ellinthorpe Hall. These evocative quadrilles were recently rediscovered having been lost for many years. Be prepared for a challenge as we jeté, and assemblé through the figures, just as the privileged youth of colonial Australia were taught to dance. [A for both musicians and dancers]

Frolicks for Felons - Believe it or not, early Australian convicts danced! Experience the music and dances which gave them joy, connection and identity in their new land. A new workshop to Bundanoon, based on my 2018 research. [B]

Mundy Quadrilles

Frolicks for Felons


Mark Simmons

Mark is a dancer, caller and organiser with the Monaro Folk Society, and also frequents Scottish and other dances whenever the opportunity arises.

Dances Daryl Taught Me - in this tribute to Daryl Powell, Mark will teach dances that he learned from Daryl. From the grace and elegance of the Garibaldi March/Waltz to the exuberant and frantic Double Posties. Mostly B - M, with just the one A rated dance.

Composed in Canberra - dances written by Canberrans: from Couples to Contra, Square Sets to Scottish, Canberra has been the source of many new dances of recent years. Featuring works by Peter Foster, Jeanette Mill, John Carroll and others - even one of Mark's. Medium to Advanced complexity.

Composed in Canberra

Dances Daryl Taught Me



Madis Alvre

Madis Alvre commenced dancing in 1961 and instructed the Sydney Estonian folk dancers 'Virmalised' for 33 years, until 2014. He has organised, choreographed and directed performances for Folkloric Festivals and at the National Folk Festival and has directed major folk dancing events at Estonian cultural festivals in Australia. After many years of performing, Madis and his wife Tiina continue to lead folk and social dance workshops at folk and dance festivals.

Madis Alvre and Tiina will present a variety of Estonian, Finnish and Swedish folk and social dances, suitable for beginners as well as more experienced dancers, and ranging from circle and formation dances, to couple and progressive dances.

Estonian Finnish and Swedish Dances